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Opening hours

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am to 7 pmOffice hours include a request for inquires, feedbacks and general information by phone, email, WhatsApp communication, and photo retouching.
An inquiry that is made beyond the business hours will be answered at the beginning of the next business day.
Photography session hours: 24/7

Booking a session

Please contact me before placing your order, to make sure that the date and time you are interested in doing the photography session are available.

When will the pictures be ready?

The photos will send you up to 10 working days from the day of the shoot (14 days including weekends). The photos will send you up to 10 working days from the day of the shoot (14 days including weekends). In the case of special requests, busy periods than usual, the working time on the images may take longer.

How do I get the photos?

The retouched photos will be delivered in maximum resolution and quality and a jpeg format. They will suit any use including printing up to 60 x 80cm.

The files will be sent to you by two means:1. Link to download from cloud service.2. Password protected digital gallery, which is suitable for sharing.

Can I get all the photos?

Short answer -
No ..

Long answer -
In the age of smartphones and social media, the need to own all the photos can be understood.
However, when you choose to hire a photographer, you do not hire them as a human selfie stick with more professional equipment.
You hire their eye and their artistic judgment, their photography and photo retouching style.

In case there are any pictures that you are sure were taken and did not appear in the final selection, talk to me!

Photography and retouching style

As mentioned in the previous section, when you choose to work with me, you also choose my photography and retouching style.

For my part, I give 100% to the best and most professional result.

I am attentive to my clients and make sure to coordinate personal and artistic expectations with them in advance.
In case of harsh weather condition or events that may affect the session, I will contact you in order to find a solution in advance.

In the event of a specific problem with some images, please indicate the problem with the number + the picture number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Will I use your photos on social media?

From time to time I use photos taken in photo sessions for social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram and this website.
One of the reasons you contacted me is because you liked my work.

• As a general rule, I ask for approval before publication.
• In case you changed your mind at a later stage and would like your photos removed, please contact me and willingly remove them.

Priniting the photos

The images that are delivered are of maximum quality, but sometimes when printing, the quality of the printer and the paper requires some adjustments to the files.

Usually the printing house will offer to handle the images, but since I keep the master files (which guarantees higher quality), I can do this without extra charge within 24 hours.

Special productions

In the case of a request for a shorter/longer photo session or a session that requires additional elements, the prices will vary accordingly.

Legal notice

"A Parisian Production" website is owned and managed by Liran Hutmacher, registered business number 75359192400026.

We are two families / couples / birthdays, can we do a joint session?

Since financial considerations are important to you as clients, it is important for me to explain the matter from my perspective.
After several experiences in which I photographed two couples / families, I came to a number of conclusions:

• In such a case, the session time is twice as long without exception, the reason for that is quite simple.
It takes time to make good photos and each one of us, requires time to open up in front of the camera.

• Also, to differentiate the images so that the final products will not look identical, I need to find new compositions, poses etc.

• In most cases, there is one participant who feels more comfortable in front of the camera than the other. It forces us to spend more time with the other partcipants in order to achieve similar results in terms of quantity and quality.It comes at the expense of the "dominant participant" and may decrease the number of images we can achieve.

• There is an expectation to receive a larger number of images based on the same package.

Therefore, I do not recommend a joint photo session unless you understand the time and quantity limits offered in the package or would like to create a custom package.In any case, I invite you to speak to me directly and try to find a solution.

Additional services

I can provide additional services for the sessions such as musicians, decorations, champagne and more. Just ask me! :)